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Warner and Swasey Equipment From R.R.I.C Associates

We know what our customers want: You want the widest selection possible of quality used CNC lathes in Pennsylvania. You also want a trusted partner to ensure you're getting used CNC machinery that is ready to be put to use and has been inspected, repaired and verified. At R.R.I.C. Associates, we have spent more than three decades building our reputation in the industry by selling and servicing leading CNC lathes from brands like Warner and Swasey.


An American Success Story

The Warner and Swasey story goes back well over a century. This American company started life when two men with machine tool experience combined forces and created the Warner and Swasey Co. in Cleveland. It quickly became one of the leading manufacturers of turning lathes and astronomical microscopes. Many pieces of Warner and Swasey equipment would serve to support both world war efforts, creating parts for military machines and tools.

Through the 1950s and 1970s, as traditional turret lathes gave way to numerically controlled (NC) and later computer numerically controlled (CNC) designs, Warner and Swasey kept up with advancements and produced high-quality precision lathe models. Within the industry, Warner and Swasey has always been associated with reliable equipment that can stand the test of time.


A Great Choice on the Used Lathe Market

Today we still find many Warner and Swasey CNC lathes producing reliable machining around the country. When these machines are replaced or sold, they quickly catch the attention of tooling shops that recognize the great value left in this used CNC machinery. At R.R.I.C. Associates, we have a large inventory of used CNC lathes and equipment from a variety of makes. We are especially proud to carry various models of Warner and Swasey used lathe machines for sale in Pennsylvania.

Simply click through our online inventory. It's easy to search by brand and find all the Warner and Swasey used CNC machinery we have in stock. Due to its popularity, this CNC lathe equipment sells quickly, so we invite you to check back often to catch any new arrivals. Once you've identified the model that meets your machining needs, simply give us a call or fill in our online contact form.

As a leading CNC lathe dealer in Pennsylvania, we can service your existing Warner and Swasey CNC equipment and keep it running reliably, giving you top-precision machining. We can also sell you a used CNC lathe from our inventory. We look forward to telling you more about the advantages and benefits of choosing equipment from a true American legend in lathe machines, Warner and Swasey.

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